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The book "The Magnolia Route" - Available Now!

$18.00 (US shipping included)

The Magnolia Route 1923-1927
Joseph M Casey III

The book is a true history of the idea, mapping, promotion and opening of The Magnolia Route also called The Mississippi Gulf Coast to Chicago Highway and of the 4 civic leaders and good road advocates who opened the highway thru the heartland of America.

Donations will be accepted to help finance the following 3 goals:
1. The purchase and placement of a State of Mississippi Historical Marker to go at Mile 0, The start of the Magnolia Route.
2. The purchase and planting of 4 Magnolia Trees and brass plaques to be placed at the 4 corners of the intersection of the start of The Magnolia Route to honor the 4 good road advocates and civic leaders.
3. The mapping of the Magnolia Route along today's modern highways as closely as possible following the original route and a non stop endurance run of 24 hours to reopen the Magnolia Route on April 20, 2006, the 81st Anniversary of the opening of the original route.

$18.00 (US shipping included) right bottom